Tred 1100 Mounting Kit

The TRED 1100 Mounting Bracket is suitable for TRED 1100 and TRED Pro models.

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The TRED 1100 Mounting Bracket is suitable for TRED 1100 and TRED Pro models.

• Lockable Anti-theft Pins
Simply attach any key or combination padlock to ensure your TRED’s remain where they are

• Solid, Durable & Robust Design
Machined from solid blocks of high quality material, and designed to outlast the great outdoors

• Corrosion Resistant Materials
Made from the high quality stainless steel, aluminium and brass to ensure your TRED Mounting Bracket lasts

• Anti-vibration Pads
Designed to act as a buffer between the TRED and the Mounting Bracket base plate to reduce noise and vibrations on your journey

• Versatile Installation
The versatile base allows for almost any form of installation, from straps, bolts and screws to zip ties

• 12 Month Warranty
with great quality, comes great confidence

TRED™ Mounting Kits have been designed to perfectly suit and secure the TRED™ 1100 range of total recovery and extraction devices. Designed to be easy to mount in a variety of ways and allows you to mount a set (pair) of the TRED 1100 or TRED Pro model perfectly nested.

Built with the off-road enthusiast in mind, the TRED™ 1100 Mounting Bracket is made from corrosion resistant materials and a robust, durable design to ensure it satisfies the rugged conditions of Australia and the great outdoors. Lockable Pins, Versatile Installation options and a 12 month warranty ensures you have peace of mind to explore with confidence.


2 x Stainless Steel Pins
2 x Aluminium Knurled Handles
1 x Aluminium Fastening Plate with Fixtures
2 x Rubber Anti-vibration Pads
How many TRED 1100 Mounting Bracket’s do I need?
The TRED 1100 Mounting Bracket is sold as a single unit (as pictured). Depending on your fitting requirements you may need to purchase two units.

Suitable For:

TRED 1100
TRED 1100 Mounting Bracket

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